Discussion: Being and Becoming in the Field


Doing fieldwork can help students to understand complex processes and phenomena in natural settings. In the field, students have the opportunity to learn scientific methods and reasoning, enhance metacognitive skills, and develop tacit and embodied knowledge, such as how to handle instruments and conduct observations. 

In this talk and discussion, we will explore how learning in the field includes tacit ways of knowing and how tacit knowledge intersects with cultural discourses around fieldwork. We will particularly focus on students’ negotiations of belonging and identity in relation to being in the field.

Dr. Malm’s talk will be 25 minutes long, followed by a facilitated discussion.

Dr. Rie Hjørnegaard Malm

University of Copenhagen | Postdoctoral Researcher

Portrait of Rie outside

Rie Hjørnegaard Malm is a Postdoctoral Researcher in Science Education at University of Copenhagen in Denmark. With a background in Earth Science and Science Education, her research aims to understand the intersections of disciplinary culture, students’ learning and identity work in Higher Education Earth Science. Rie has conducted ethnographic observations of students and researchers in the field both in the Arctic and across Europe. Rie also enjoys sorting her rock collection, knitting, and road biking.

Below are some of the questions that were asked during this discussion.

Recording of Discussion

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